About T-TRAK

T-TRAK was first seen in America in July 2001 when the first three modules made were displayed at a St. Louis Train Show. Since that time, T-TRAK has become a worldwide standard that has a large following. T-TRAK modules are very small (usually around 1 foot in length) and easy to transport. Most importantly, with the small size, it is easy to actually “finish” a module and to store it when not in use. Since normal tables are used to display the modules, you do not need to build the table to display it like other standards. Also, since all the track is already on the module and has built-in connectivity, there is no need to carry around several different sizes of connector track to make sure everything will go together at the shows. It is very easy to lay the track. The standard is for Kato track, and Kato makes a rerailer that has cuts in it to help lay track in the proper distances. In other words, there are tools out there to make this as easy and as fun as possible. Plus, Kato track is VERY nice and rarely, if ever, have problems running trains on it. T-TRAK is great for kids who want to get involved in the hobby, as it is small and fit into today’s short attention span society. It is setup well for Scouts and the layout requirements for the Railroading Merit Badge. T-TRAK is good for those without a lot of space for a layout as sections are small and easily transportable so the layout can be setup at a location quickly and be able to run trains often. Lastly, it is great for older experienced modelers who already have either large layouts or modules as it can give them a project that they can quickly finish. The official T-TRAK website is http://www.T-TRAK.org